Spotlight on Murray Armfield


Murray Armfield Technical Services Director   Role at Ascention My role at Ascention includes projects that involve technology, implementation and engaging stakeholders both within Ascention & client organisations in the process of delivering [...]

Spotlight on Murray Armfield2021-09-29T04:38:36+00:00

Spotlight on Rosita Roberts


Rosita Roberts Government Unit Director    My Role at Ascention I look after Ascention’s Government Programs and Initiatives.  This includes everything from relationship management with senior government offices to the everyday delivery, resourcing, [...]

Spotlight on Rosita Roberts2022-08-08T04:33:49+00:00

Spotlight on Chris Hui


Chris Hui  Chief Financial Controller   My Role at Ascention As a Financial Controller, I am responsible for leading financial decisions for both Technology Services and early-stage Supply Chain Software platform. I take [...]

Spotlight on Chris Hui2022-07-25T01:49:55+00:00
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