Business Insights depend on quality data

Data quality can make or break your organisation’s ability to derive insight from business information.

There is a sequence of events in determining and optimising data quality – prevention, detection and repair. In basic terms, prevention involves keeping the bad data out of your organisation’s databases, detection means implementing a proactive approach to finding bad data already in your system, and repair means fixing or expunging the bad data.

Ascention delivers a comprehensive preventative Data Quality regime using the latest tools and processes. We ensure that confidence and usefulness of data is maximise throughout its lifecycle.

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In any digital product, Data quality is a key feature which has a direct impact on the adoption and use of the product. Lack of attention to data quality and accuracy has have severe ramifications for downstream systems because trying to analyse a data quality problem caused by upstream system is costly and time consuming. 

The need for a data quality framework

Lack of accuracy of data not only erodes the end-user confidence in applications, it can also have significant financial impact on the business. There is a clear gap between the perception and reality regarding the quality of data in many organisations. To improve this situation organisations, need to educated about the importance of both data quality and techniques to improve it. Organisations are waking up to the fact that the quality of their data is generally poor and this coupled with the fact that they are trying to squeeze more and more value out of their data is concerning.