Data warehousing solutions to reduce complexity and drive real-time results

Most organisations have multiple siloed solutions and this creates challenges for reporting/analytics across these systems.

A data warehouse pulls in data from different sources e.g., marketing, sales, finance, etc. and catalogs it in a central repository to reduce the time required to find and analyse important data.

From an IT perspective, separating the analytical processes in a data warehouse from the operational processes in the production applications and transactions can enhance the performance of both areas.

From a business perspective, a data warehouse platform delivers a practical way to view the past without affecting the daily operations of the business. By querying and analysing data in the data warehouse, organisations can improve operations and enable more efficient business processes, thereby increasing revenue and raising profits

Ascention- Data- Warehouse

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Ascention has extensive experience in data warehousing and have helped many of our clients in establishing the optimum technology / architecture to meet their specific requirements.

“In a recent survey conducted on LinkedIn, BI experts stated that 75% of the time or more of any BI project is spent on getting the data right”