Tiana El-Ters  

Marketing and HR Coordinator


My Role at Ascention

I assist the two evolving departments of HR and marketing. I support the HR Director in day-to-day HR duties, managing the recruitment and onboarding induction plans, and support the development and production of HR content.

I also support the Marketing Director in the development and production of marketing content, managing execution of a range of digital and social activities, as well as working with and managing third party suppliers as required.


How Did Your Career Develop to Lead You to Your Role with Ascention?

I am a recent Business Graduate with majors in Marketing and Human Resource Management. My initial interest began with Human Resource Management during my 5-year exposure to the retail industry and an enduring interest to implement organisation and collaborative skills within an organisational department to create an enjoyable and efficient culture. This stemmed my interest into marketing with a desire to interact with promotional tactics.


Considering Your Background, How Is Your Experience Particularly Relevant to Ascention & And Its Clients?

As a Business Graduate entering a fast-growing software and technology consultancy, my theoretical knowledge can be applied to support the power of data and deliver fresh insights to Ascention. Since joining Ascention I have significantly developed my understanding of the power of technology and data in creating ease in the lives of citizens.


About Ascention

Ascention is recognised as the leading Clean Data Experts in the Australian and New Zealand markets for our knowledge and delivery in data governance, data management & shared data assets in driving quality outcome-based solutions for our clients’ complex projects.

The team at Ascention is focused on delivering client value through Clean Data.

We unlock the value of your organisation’s data assets; we support client teams in taking accountability through our training and support, and we help drive the continuing achievement of targets by partnering with your team to help keep data assets clean and valuable.

By working with Ascention you’re not alone on your data journey.


Careers with Ascention

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