David Krikheli – Principal Consultant


Ascention’s growth has been driven by our team of technical professionals and business development market specialists – and our team has increased strongly recently due to the continuing success of our business with our valued clients.

This team spotlight article is on David Krikheli – Principal Consultant


David’s Role at Ascention

David helps customers identify their data requirements and implement respective systems. David also actively participates in presales activities and contributes into the development of Ascention’s Citizen360 product.


David’s career background and journey to Ascention

David graduated from Georgian Technical University (GTU), Georgia (former USSR), in 1984 as a Systems Engineer. His employment began at GTU in the field of digital circuitry and he continued his career as an academic teaching computer skills to university staff.

Upon his arrival in Australia in 1992, David acquired C++ programming skills and contributed to several commercially available software products in industries such as newspaper publishing, geophysics and antivirus software.

In 1996, David joined ANZ bank where he applied his technical skills to the development of the company’s Windows NT infrastructure. He became passionate about data and gradually transitioned to data-centric projects and systems, most notably:

  • An intragroup input and matching system that was deployed in all countries where the bank operates;
  • Regulatory and risk management systems involving the consolidation of bank-wide customer and account information.

Over the course of his career at ANZ bank David designed, implemented and supported in-house built Master Data Management (MDM) solutions in the lead solution designer and lead support analyst capacities. Also, he led technical implementation of in-house built and third party metadata management tools to support business driven data governance initiatives. Eventually his interest in the MDM and Metadata domains lead him to his consulting role with Ascention where he enjoys opportunities to use state of the art products available from industry-leading vendors.


Technical Guide – Data Governance Foundations: A Guiding Framework for Your Organisation’s Vision, Culture, Structure and Execution.

David recently developed a white paper for Ascention clients Data Governance Foundations: A Guiding Framework for Your Organisation’s Vision, Culture, Structure and Execution.

David suggests that the key takeaways readers should focus on when reading his paper are as follows:

  • Prospective customers often ask for guidance to help them raise their game and move to the next level of maturity as far as their data handling capability is concerned. In some cases, the issue manifests itself as a gap in their data governance capability. It can be a trivial gap, easy to fill. However, with Data Governance being a complex discipline where many constituents are intertwined in peculiar patterns the issue may present itself as a great challenge too.
  • There is a vast amount of information available on the net containing recommendations on how to develop a data governance solution. Many of those recommendations are quite prescriptive. They can easily confuse the reader as they lack a connection to the unique context of the issue at hand.
  • This paper develops a view composed of coherent concept groups that the reader is likely to be already well aware of. The concept groups are Vision, Culture and Structure. Such a view enables the reader to pick a relatively small number of constituents, to start with, that are most relevant in the unique context of the issue at hand.  The simplicity of this approach empowers the reader to launch themselves into a highly efficient process described as “start small and grow big”.