Rosita Roberts

Government Unit Director 


My Role at Ascention

I look after Ascention’s Government Programs and Initiatives.  This includes everything from relationship management with senior government offices to the everyday delivery, resourcing, and financial aspects of projects.

I am privileged to be part of Ascention’s high performance service teams delivering data management solutions for government agencies both in Federal and State operations. In addition to delivering client projects, I am proud to be a contributor and thought leader of the Ascention’s flagship Citizen360TM development solution which offers a unique approach to Data Management capabilities within the government services.


How Did Your Career Develop to Lead You to Your Role with Ascention?

As an early adopter of technology (1980), my interest in data management stemmed from the need to gain a unified view of business information to form intelligent decisions to support the responsibilities I held in various management roles. Overtime, my journey focused on my technical competencies to cover data capture systems (ERP) through to data distribution (DWH, analytics). Building on this experience, I have spent the last 15 years (+) in project governance roles working within federal government agencies such as Defence, ATO, Social Services, NDIS as well as regulatory organisations (TGA, CASA), delivering data management and data distribution solutions. My passion to deliver high quality and easy to use data solutions drives my determination to seek improvements in business operations.

My years working within the government sector has inflamed my passion to include the focus on enhancing positive customer experiences as citizen stakeholders traverse the complexities of services available by government agencies. Underpinning the positive customer experience is the need to address the complex issues existing within multi-agency data sharing, data consistency and information access. Joining Ascention and participating in its vision “for the betterment of Government Services” has been a fulfilling and positive step towards realising my personal goal and satisfying my passion.


Considering your background, what are the parts of your experience that you think are particularly relevant to your current work with Ascention and its clients?

The intricate knowledge gained in government agency operations, procedures and technologies are the key add-values I bring to Ascention and our clients; particularly in navigating the compliance, quality assurance and data security required to meet delivery expectations.


What do you do for fun?

As mentioned earlier, I am an early adopter of technology, and a key part of my personality is to have fun while learning and discovering new ideas. Software games such as Wolfenstein, Doom, and lately Fallout 4 and Minecraft have exposed me to the cleverness of programmers capable of developing such intricate engagement with users of all ages while making discovery of functions fun.


About Ascention

Ascention is recognised as the leading Clean Data Experts in the Australian and New Zealand markets for our knowledge and delivery in data governance, data management & shared data assets in driving quality outcome-based solutions for our clients’ complex projects.

The team at Ascention is focused on delivering client value through Clean Data.

We unlock the value of your organisation’s data assets; we support client teams in taking accountability through our training and support, and we help drive the continuing achievement of targets by partnering with your team to help keep data assets clean and valuable.

By working with Ascention you’re not alone on your data journey.


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