James Wong

Senior Solutions Architect  


My Role at Ascention

As a Senior Solutions Architect I am responsible for analysing current technologies and solutions to be provided to customers. I am required to document and monitor requirements customers present in order to institute proposed updates. I work closely with Ascention teams to ensure proposed solutions are appropriate for customer and meeting requirements. Further to my role, I must account for possible project challenges on constraints including risks, time, resources, and scope. Working closely with project management teams to successfully monitor progress of initiatives is further to my role as well as providing detailed specifications for proposed solutions, define clear goals for all aspects of a project and manage their proper execution, source for new opportunities and partner management, and maintain customer success and satisfaction.


How Did Your Career Develop to Lead You to Your Role with Ascention?

I started my IT career in 1996 with Document Management followed by Enterprise Content Management and workflow. Eventually landed in BI ad BA industry. I have a strong domain in public and defence sector in Singapore. I am MCSA certified for Microsoft Windows 2016 (year 2018) for Azure, a member of setting up a private cloud for government agency, implementation experience using AWS, and partially trained using GCP with Big Query.


Considering your background, what are the parts of your experience that you think are particularly relevant to your current work with Ascention and its clients?

I have gathered experience in implementation with different technologies and solutions in the market. I have been involved in Data Lake and BigData solution design with more than 30 petabytes of data. My background allows me to manage customer relations as a success manager and bring out the most value in the implemented products and solutions, reduce the churn and increase the adoption process. With this, I am capable in providing solutions to solve difficult problems faced by customers which is particularly relevant to Ascention and its clients.



About Ascention

Ascention is recognised as the leading Clean Data Experts in the Australian and New Zealand markets for our knowledge and delivery in data governance, data management & shared data assets in driving quality outcome-based solutions for our clients’ complex projects.

The team at Ascention is focused on delivering client value through Clean Data.

We unlock the value of your organisation’s data assets; we support client teams in taking accountability through our training and support, and we help drive the continuing achievement of targets by partnering with your team to help keep data assets clean and valuable.

By working with Ascention you’re not alone on your data journey.


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