Murray Armfield

Technical Services Director


Role at Ascention

My role at Ascention includes projects that involve technology, implementation and engaging stakeholders both within Ascention & client organisations in the process of delivering solutions for our clients. I also provide specific technical expertise to the Ascention business development team as required on the areas of solutions, client specifications and delivery.



How did your career develop to lead you to your role with Ascention?

In my previous employment, I met Dan at a product/partner event where I was working doing pre-sales engineering. That company built and sold high performance databases (SMP and MPP and using Hadoop) for business intelligence/reporting type workloads as well as a high-performance data analytics engine using Hadoop. My understanding covered everything in that solution stack as every component is involved in getting record breaking performance. Our minimal data sizes were typically 500GB and upwards. Before that I had started and run my own business which focused on selling, supporting, customizing, integrating, developing ERP solutions. We sold a manufacturing orientated ERP system and a sales/inventory orientated ERP system to medium sized businesses (from $20M to $500M in turnover).



Considering your background, what are the parts of your experience that you think are particularly relevant to your current work with Ascention and its clients?

From my background I have an excellent understanding of the technical components and solution from the physical hardware and networking, databasing, all the way up the stack to the business requirements and user interface. I have regularly been involved in fixing failed or underperforming implementations where other consulting companies have failed to deliver to clients, and who have then turned to Ascention for assistance. One of the key benefits I bring to all client engagements is that I can work with a wide range of stakeholders from many different areas in their business at high levels of comprehension and experience, understanding their requirements and concerns to provide confidence and quality in our delivery.


About Ascention

Ascention is recognised as the market leaders in Clean Data in the Australian and New Zealand markets for our knowledge and delivery in data governance, data management & shared data assets in driving quality outcome-based solutions for our clients’ complex projects.

The team at Ascention is focused on delivering client value through Clean Data.

We unlock the value of your organisation’s data assets; we support client teams in taking accountability through our training and support, and we help drive the continuing achievement of targets by partnering with your team to help keep data assets clean and valuable.

By working with Ascention you’re not alone on your data journey.


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