Ascention self service analytics

Easily connect to, visualise, and analyse your data to find insights faster

Data discovery and analysis is no longer just the domain of the analyst or IT. The definition of self-service has grown to capture data exploration, building reports and doing your own analytics. In theory IT resources are called on less, you don’t have to shell out to employ more analysts, and business users get their reports faster because they’re not in a queue for IT’s attention.

A caveat for Self-Service Analytics

However in reality, the rise of self-service can create a dangerous data governance gap that needs to be addressed to ensure integrity of the analytics being produced and the security of the data.

Ascention enables its clients business users to consume reports, dashboards and drill into the details using a wide range of visualisations.

At the same time security is managed centrally with access provided only to the relevant data.

We ensure those that do have access to data are well trained and equipped to manage the integrity of the data.

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