Why Have I Never Achieved the 360 Degree View of my Customer?


One of the most common goals for enterprises today is to achieve a single view of their customer. The potential benefits are both far-reaching and significant, as different departments including sales, marketing, customer success and finance are able to use this holistic view to deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction, build deeper relationships with customers and predict who their future customers will be.


Despite unilateral agreement that the single customer view is highly desirable, most enterprises have failed to achieve it. Why is this? In many cases, it isn’t for lack of trying. There are a vast number of products and services available to buy today which promise to deliver the single view of the customer. However, the majority of them can only enable part of the picture, and require a huge amount of time and effort from internal teams to do so.


Read this paper which examines why the single customer view has proved to be so elusive, and how to overcome the common barriers. This paper will also outline not only how companies can finally achieve a 360 degree view of their customer, but also how these principles can be extended to deliver even greater value to the business.


Read the full paper here: https://ascentioncluedin.zoholandingpage.com/why-have-I-never-achieved-the-360-degree-view-of-my-customer 



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