Ascention Webcast Event

Thu, 29 April 2021, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM AEST

Ascention is pleased to present this special webcast event: The Australian Data Management Forum

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We Help Financial Institutions Convert Data Into Profit By Eliminating Dirty Data.


About this Event

Dirty Data Could Be Costing You Millions Annually.

But Here’s a Chance to Stay Ahead and Grow Your Business

Have you ever felt like your data compliance posture might be responsible for your shrinking profit margins?

Or believe your business could be much more profitable with efficient AI technology?

You’re 100% CORRECT!

MIT Sloan Management Review reports that 15-25% of a company’s profitability is lost through dirty data alone.

To a Financial Services Institution, this could be worth over 1 billion dollars in revenue losses.

Not to mention the billions of dollars in fines dished out by AUSTRAC to the Banks and Financial Services Institutions for non-compliance (Dirty Data Causes AML Issues…)

Australian Data Management Forum shows leaders in FSI how to increase data integrity and keep corporate watchdogs at bay so you can focus on your expansion strategy.

Creating a data management system at a financial institution is a bit like jumping onto a moving train – you’re running in the direction you need to go, but you’re always a few steps behind…

Few industries acquire, produce and store as much data as the financial services sector does — from bank ledgers and customer transaction histories to channel traffic and credit scores.

As financial institutions continue to acquire new companies, merging data from one ecosystem into another can be a challenging and time-consuming process…

Capable of incurring billions in losses, if the “jump” is not measured accurately.

Worse, you could be left with dirty data that will be detected by ASIC and AUSTRAC when it comes to audit time.

As the FSI sector has seen in recent years, the regulatory environment can be quite hostile and difficult to navigate.

Even when you think you’re doing the right thing, over-reporting to tick all the right boxes, you might find yourself in the sticky situation of carrying suspicious data without even knowing about it.



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Data, without a way to look at it intelligently, is of zero value…

Or it can be downright illegal, with uncategorised transactions used to fund money laundering, child trafficking and terrorist financing.

But you don’t have to juggle this nightmare of a situation.

Australian financial institutions deserve the chance to eliminate dirty data to retain their profits and improve their regulatory posture.

Find out how we help financial institutions boost profitability by cleaning and streamlining their data assets at the Australian Data Management Forum.


Here’s a Fraction of What You’ll Learn:

  • How to drive a strong enterprise master data management strategy
  • How to execute the digitisation of legacy environments for improved data sharing
  • How next-gen data platforms can drive interagency collaboration
  • How to support the fight against funding illegal activity by quickly identifying unusual transactions from unknown identities

This is your opportunity to learn how you can effectively eliminate dirty data while upholding your corporate responsibility to remain compliant with industry regulations.

This event is presented by Ascention, the market leader in Clean Data. Ascention is recognised for outstanding service to the market and was awarded #2 on the CRN Fast50 in 2020.


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Our Speakers

  • Daniel Cox, III, Chief Executive Officer, Ascention.

Dan is a global authority on Data Governance & Management.  As CEO, Dan drives the company’s vision in delivering world class outcomes in Enterprise Performance Management for their clients.  Dan has developed Ascention’s technology solution through selective partnering with global industry-leading solution providers.  His extensive experience in the analytics industry spans more than 20 years with organisations in the US, UK, Europe and ANZ.  His knowledge is built on executive roles in Financial Management as well as many advisory and tactical consulting roles.  Finally, Dan’s outstanding performance in the ANZ region now sees him as one of the top-trusted advisors in the APAC industry.


  • Oscar Chavez, FSI Director, Enterprise Data and Compliance, Ascention

Oscar Chavez is a best-selling author and expert in Digital Transformation. His innovative human-centered approach equips large enterprise, banks and financial services institutions with the foundations to reduce their risk and innovate faster.


Spots are limited, click to register for this free event today: Click Here