The CFO of the Future Report 2020 is Out Now

In June 2020 our CEO, Dan Cox, was invited to participate in global roundtables to discuss the evolution and future of the CFO position by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). Dan is a long-time IMA member, starting with being an associate member in 1994 and was happy to participate in the discussions to help facilitate what CFO’s of the future should concentrate their efforts on and obtain the skills required for the job tasks on the horizon.

Dan is also a founding Board of Directors member of the newly established IMA chapter in ANZ. If you are interested in joining the local chapter, please reach out on LinkedIn, IMA ANZ website, any member or directly to Dan.

The ACCA and IMA have released the report as of September 30, 2020. You can obtain your downloadable copy HERE or go directly to IMA website to read the full article and get the report, click ACCA/IMA Report.

Article highlight:

“The CFO is at the pinnacle of many finance functions. It is a role that places the accountancy and finance profession at the forefront of many stakeholders’ minds when considering how an entity conducts its financial affairs. Yet that traditional role of the guardian of an entity’s finances has been superseded by a new reality: one where the CFO has a broader function across the organization, where performance is measured against the 3Ps of People, Profit and Purpose that are increasingly used to evaluate success.

In this report, IMA and ACCA consider how the role of the CFO is changing and what the accountancy and finance profession needs to do to ensure that it has a robust generation of finance leaders for the future. Members of both IMA and ACCA as well as non-member CFOs and chief executive officers offered insights into what is currently expected of the CFO and the opportunities for the future.”