Master Data Management & CRM

Master data management solutions can help organisations of all types to improve performance.

In the high-stakes modern business environment, having control of your business data is essential. With such huge volumes of information being created every single day, it’s little surprise that master data management (MDM) tools are rising in prominence for many enterprises.

For aspects of business such as customer relationship management (CRM), having an MDM solution can make or break an organisation. According to Gartner, leaders who ignore the need for MDM could be risking as much as 25 per cent of their potential revenue gains, as inaccuracies in their data could lead to problems that filter down to the customer experience.

Simply stated, MDM is critical to enabling CRM leaders to create the 360-degree view of the customer required for an optimised customer experience. This single or 360-degree view of the customer requires that all the operational master data pertaining to the customer – and often to product and service as well – be combined from all of the data silos where it currently resides.

MDM solutions have a role to play in all types of organisations. Ascention has developed a review covering a few scenarios, in which technology toolsets can improve performance for a wide variety of companies as well as how Ascention is working with government agencies to provide better services. Download your report.

Report Overview:

  • Audience: Business Leaders
  • Time to Read: 30 minutes approx.