On-Demand Webcast: How Data Governance Can Translate to Superior Customer Experience

In today’s business environment the framework of Data Governance commences with the building blocks of how its captured & stored, its structure and dissemination across all divisions of your organisation.

Our on-demand webcast commences with a detailed review of the establishment of Data Governance and the importance of Data Language and why the quality of data is everyone’s responsibility. We then move to the opportunity all businesses have with empowering frontline staff with accessible quality information and the stunning benefits in decision making and customer experience.

On Demand Webcast Assets:

  • To View the webcast, click HERE
  • To view the Ascention presentation: Data is a Language, click HERE
  • To view the Harper Stone presentation: Empowering the Front-Line, click HERE

About our Speakers:

W Daniel Cox III  CMA, CFM

Dan has over 20 years of experience in the data & analytics industry, financial management, audit & fraud investigation.  Conducting compliance and high-risk audits with the Washington State Auditor’s Office stimulated his attention for developing and utilising analytics.  Employed by the largest analytics company aided that company’s successful business growth in the US and Australia. The majority of his financial management experience comes from being the Financial Controller of the second largest hydro-electric power producing utility in North America. He directly managed 2 hydro projects, asset base of well over $2 billion USD and budgets in excess of $800 million. Recently, as CEO of Ascention, a data management company, was featured in CIO Advisor magazine for his article on data governance.

James Harper

James Harper knows data analytics, spending the last 20+ years working across the analytics and IT space on both the vendor and client side in corporate and government roles he has a wealth of experience on how to get the most out of an analytics investment. James will discuss how leading companies are empowering their frontline workforce with data and analytics, to drive revenue growth and outline the three key steps to empower your frontline.