Welcome to Ascention!

Since 2013 the name Data Transformed has served our organisation well

The idea around the past tense of Data Transformed’ was a representation of the ethics and attitude of ask once, see that its already done and that it’s done right.

Through this approach our organisation is growing and we have recently moved to new premises to help with this expansion. This has also caused us to take breath and re-examine the value to our customer base and come up with a new brand that would reflect this better.

We are pleased to announce that we have rebranded the company to “Ascention” along with the slogan “The Next Level”.

The previous slogan “Your Data. CLEARLY” is also still very much relevant, but is only a part of the story – thus this rebranding was undertaken to reflect the full story that our services and solutions are delivering for our clients.

Moving to “The Next Level” states the value proposition for our clients; to aid our clients in determining the next level for them, what it means and how together we can achieve it.

The name Ascention took some time for us come up with, but all involved in the process knew instantly this was the one that was going to stick. Through this process, we looked at several aspects of how we wanted to be portrayed, what we stand for and most importantly the value that our clients gain from our relationship.

We hope you agree that Ascention captures these elements.